Homemade Heroes
This page contains custom action figures I have made.

FreakazoidFreakazoid!: Made out of a Spiderman body and some Super Sculpey.
Bald EagleThe Bald Eagle: The old guy from my story "The Ultimate Weapon" made from a Total Justice Hawkman and a lot of Super Sculpey.
KrunkThe Infragable Krunk: Just a slight repaint on a Hulk action figure and maybe a new head for good measure.

Here is a list of what to expect:
Ink dropZan and Jayna: The Wonder Twins come to life from Alpha Flight's own Northstar and Aurora.
Ink dropGleek: The Wonder Twins' monkey. Most likely made from scratch with Super Sculpey.
Ink dropMonkey: From Dexter's Lab. Probably also made from scratch with Super Sculpey.

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