This is my Freakazoid custom. The flash on my camera caused a lot of glare. I should probably retake this picture.

This is a front view of his head. I made it entirely of Sculpey. It's supposed to have teeth but because of glare you can't see them.

This is the side view of his head. In this picture I was trying to show you that I tried to do the lightning bolt and pointy hair.
Materials: Anti-Symbiote Spider-Man, Super Sculpey, red, white, light blue, black, and yellow paint.
1) Remove Spider-Man's head (I used the boil and pop method*.)
2) Paint Spider-Man's whole body red, avoid painting the glove and boot area. I've noticed a pinkish color still on mine.
3) Paint gloves and boots white after the red paint has dried.
4) Paint the yellow F! and then carefully paint a black oval around it. If you mess up, just paint over it with red again.
5) Create Freakazoid's head. I tried to use the original head as a guide but mine ended up being a little larger.
6) Bake according to the directions on the Super Sculpey package.
7) Create the skin tone. I mixed light blue with white to create a nice pale blue.
8) Paint the head. I used my light blue mixture first. After that dried I painted the teeth and the eyes. I then painted his hair and mask.
9) When the hair gets dry add the lightning bolt.
Voila! Now you have a pretty good looking (depending on how you made the head) Freakazoid toy.
*The boil and pop method is when you put an action figure in very hot water and the pop their head, or other desired body part, out of it's socket with the aid of pliers if necessary.

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