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Updates for November

        *11/30/03*- Wow. BDM #22. This makes it two months in a row. I'm getting the hang of this thing. If only I could go two weeks in a row. I'm shooting for a new comic by mid-December. Hope for the best.

Updates for October

        *10/12/03*- The thing I like to call Badly Drawn Man is now into issue #21. I finally got off of my lazy butt and sat down to draw another comic. I'm hoping to do that more often in the near future, trying to remedy a situation like one comic in an entire year. It seems to actually be getting easier to do now that I took so much time off, that's kinda weird. Anyway, go the the BDM section and check it out.

Updates for May

        *5/19/02*- BDM #20 has been posted. I should start calling this thing eBDM since he's been the one featured the most lately. Oh well, you should know where to find it.

Updates for March

        *3/22/02*- Forums are post-onable. Register today and feel all cool inside. I also fixed two typos AND a spelling error. Yipee!
        *3/16/02*- is now online. Obviously you already figured that out, but what the hey, I'm excited. This will be the new home for all things Magick. Sometime soon BDM will be updated so check here for that. That's about it for now. Look forward to good things and the bad ones will hit you from behind.

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