Welcome to Ask!With Dr. Leonard

    Welcome to the on-line help line. If you are having problems, I can help you by telling you the correct answer to them. If you are not satisfied with your answer that is a whole other problem. Which the solution to will probably cost you a small fee. Let's get on with it. Shall we?

Here is a letter from Jimmy:

   Dear Dr. Leonard,
My hand is dirty. What should I do?
                                      Little Jimmy, 18
                                      Somewhere in Massachussettes

   Dear Jimmy,
I think your problem has to do something with your relationship with your father. Dirt on the hand is always a metaphor of dirt on the heart. If you resolve the situation with your father your hand should become clean.
                                                                                  Your friend and mine,
                                                                                  Dr. Leonard

Here is a letter from Mitch:

    Hey Dr. Leonard,
Umm...yeah, like anyway, I've got this problem, like, I seem to always, like, use certain words excessively, like, when I am talking to people, like, the word "like." Like, it really bums me out when, like, my friends call me, like, stupid and some junk...like, Dr. L, can you, help me or something? I, like, need some serious friendage or I'm gonna, like, die or some junk. Like, thanks.
                                              Mitch J. from Tampa Bay
          Like, visit me on the 'Net at...umm...duuude, I forget the URL.

    Dear Mitch,
I think that your excessive use of the word "like" is connected to your feeling of self worth. If you tell yourself that you are you and no one can change that, then you should gain more self confidence and more people will want to be your friend.
                                                                                  I feel for you man,
                                                                                  Dr. Leonard

Here is an urgent problem:

    Dear Dr. Leonard,
HELP ME! I'm standing on the edge of a building and I am seriously contemplating jumping to my doom...I need a reason to live! My dog ran away, my kids ran away, my wife ran away, even my truck ran away! (BTW, watch out for a runaway blue '85 Ford pickup careening down 3rd Ave. if you're in the area right now.) C'mon, Doc, gimme a big self-esteem boost before I make this fateful decision!
                                              I.M. Suicidal in Seattle

    Dear I.M.,
Just tell yourself "I'm good enough, smart enough, and it's okay that my wife left me."
                                                                                I hope that helps,
                                                                                Dr. Leonard

Here is one from Harold:

    Dear Dr. Leonard
I'm very worried. I found a bone in my backyard, it looks like a ham-bone. What is a pork bone doing in my backyard doc?? I mean, aren't you supposed to throw your garbage away?! This really frightens me as to the kind of people that have lived in my house before me. Throwing bones in the backyard, it's just not right. And speaking of my neighbors I hear their dog was really mean too. What should I do about my new found fears??
                                              The Rocks

    Dear Harold,
I'm confused, was it a pork bone or a ham-bone? That really doesn't matter. Any kind of bone relates to people's feelings, hence the phrase, "I have a bone to pick with you." which indicates bad feelings towards a person. Your old neighbors were trying to hide there feelings by throwing the "bone" in the "backyard" so the "dog" could "bury" it.
                                                                                Love always,
                                                                                Dr. Leonard

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