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Here are some of my favorite sites (besides mine).

Barry wants to be The Tick: A great page about the crazy guy formerly known as The Tick. Home of The Drooling Barry Award. Also in Pig Latin. The best cartoon channel on the air today now has its own webpage. Everything about most of your favorite characters. Garfield's Official website.
Larabie Fonts: Home to some of the coolest fonts. My favorites are the "Price is Right" and the "Radio Shack" fonts.
Mainframe Entertainment: The official webpage of the creators of Reboot, Beast Wars and War Planets.
The Mighty Lethargic Lad Web Page: Home of the worlds most lethargic superhero, LETHARGiC LAD!
New England Comics Homepage: Home of my favorite superhero, The Tick!
RuSteD LOgIc: My cousin's website. This is a cool site. Has a nice collection of actually good hacks.
The Original Space Ghost FAQ: If you hate CartoonPlanet but love the original show, (or if you like both of them, it doesn't matter) go here. It rocks.
The Official Speed Racer Pit Stop: Like the name says, it's the official home of the man himself, Speed Racer. This page has character profiles and information about the new cartoon that is coming soon.
Swiss Army Depot: The home of the Swiss Army knife. Also buy knives on-line.
The Official TMNT Web Site: The home of the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. Has information on the TV shows, movies, and comic books.
VoiceChasers: This page tells you which people did which voices on cartoons, TV shows, and movies. GO HERE, YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site: The homepage of my favorite musical artist. Made by the drummer of his band, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz.
Zophar's Domain: Emulation news. If you are into any kind of game system emulation, (Sega, Nintendo, Atari) this is the place to go for news about it.


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