The Bald Eagle

This is my Bald Eagle action figure. He's supposed to be wearing a red, white, and blue suit with yellow buttons. All were made with excessive amounts of Sculpey.

This is, of course, a side view. I wanted to show you how I stuck the wings back on.

This is a front view of his head. I cut off the wings on the side of Hawkman's head and made lenses out of Super Sculpey. It's supposed to look like he's wearing an aviator's cap from around WWII.

This is the side view of his head. The ear parts were supposed to be attached to the lenses but I didn't do that. Also I was trying to show you the straps on the side of his mask.
Materials: Total Justice Hawkman, X-Acto knife, Super Sculpey, red, white, blue, brown, black, light tan, and yellow paint.
1) Cut all parts that stick out off of Hawkman (i.e. Wings on helmet, straps on glove, knife on his leg) with an X-Acto knife.
2) Cut the wing holder off of Hawkman's back (not necessary, I just did it to make it look better.)
3) Construct pants and jacket with Sculpey, making sure to cover up most of the cuts that you made.
4) Add details like lenses, ear pieces, buttons and pockets.
5) Bake according to the directions on the Super Sculpey package.
6) Start painting. I did all the blue first, then the rest.
7) Create the skin tone. I mixed light tan with white to create a nice, yet somewhat pale skin tone. I messed up a few parts and also I just wanted to cover up his gloves, not sand them down.
8) Next I did his wings. I wanted to make it look like they popped out of his back so I used the slots that were left over from the old holder and Sculpted the part of the wings that attach to the Bald Eagle to fit in those. I mixed a paint that somewhat matched the top of the wing after I baked them. I painted them and glued them onto his back.
There you have it. Eight easy steps to making your own old guy with wings.

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