The Infragable Krunk

Krunk like his toy. The purple I used is a little too dark but when I started I didn't have the correct white. This is basically just a simple repaint.

This is a front view of Krunk's head. I took the Hulk that I used to make the rest of the figure's head, squared up the jaw a bit, and made the hair a little bigger.
Materials: Any Hulk (preferrably a shirtless one), Super Sculpey, X-Acto knife, purple, green, white, and black paint.
1) Remove The Hulk's head. You dont have to but it's nicer later on.
2) Sand down the knee holes on The Hulk's pants, Krunk doesn't have them. I also removed the rope that was acting as a belt by carving it off with my trusty X-Acto.
3) Paint the pants green and the rest of hime purple.
4) Add Sculpey to the head. I squared up the jaw, added different teeth, added Krunk's ears, and made the hair look cartoonier.
5) Bake according to the directions on the Super Sculpey package.
6) Paint the head. I panted everything purplr except for the hair and teeth, which I painted black and white respectively. I carved the purple paint off of the eyes which is why you can see the black pupils very well.
7) Carve the neck stem on th head down until it fits back into the hole snugly.
And then sit back and laugh about how easy that was to do.

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