My Icons Page
This page contains icons that I've made and some that I think are cool.
(Note: These icons are made for IBM compatibles, I am not sure if they will work with Mac's.
Also all of these icons were made in True Color mode so they look better with 16 million colors.)

The icons I use on my desktop, made with help from my cousin.
My icons v.1

Some icons I made using Mega Man pictures I found around the internet.
Mega Man icons v.1

Who wouldn't want to adorn their desktop with these beautiful icons based after the hit character, Badly Drawn Man!

*BDM was popular in England and China and now he has come to you!**
**This was all a joke.

Badly Drawn Man icons v.1

Reboot. The first totally computer generated cartoon and hit video game now has icons, made by me.
Reboot icons v.1-Contains original 7 icons.
Reboot icons v.1 update-Contains all new icons included in v.2
Reboot icons v.2-Contains all the icons from v.1 and the update

Here are some Dexter's Laboratory icons I got off of the Cartoon Network webpage. I do not claim ownership or copyright to any of the icons in this set.
CartoonNetwork's Dexter's Lab icons

These are Speed Racer icons. I found them on this one guy's site but they were Mac icons. I coverted them into the .ico format and changed a couple of them. They are not fully mine but I did manipulate them. So here they are.
Speed Racer icons v.1

This is a set of Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles icons that I made. These aren't the Turtles that you remember from when you were a kid. I used pictures off the TMNT Web Site. Enjoy.
TMNT icons v.1

A set of Garfield icons off the web site. Again these were Mac icons only. I just converted them to the .ico format.
Garfield icons v.1

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